Building High Performing Teams - Tuckman's Ladder
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Explore the importance of helping your teams navigate through the Forming > Storming > Norming > Performing > Adjourning stages of team development. This is an important model to learn for anyone interested in helping your teams reach a high-performing level in which your teams are operating both effectively and efficiently. Topics included are:

  • How Tuckman's Ladder will affect your team's development
  • How you can use the concepts to build high-performing teams
  • Characteristics of each stage in Tuckman's Ladder 
  • Why your management of the team needs to change in each stage
  • Practical tips and tools for managing teams in each stage
  • Why Adjourning is a critical stage, especially for project teams
  • Additional resources to help you build effective teams
This three hour course has been broken into 5 - 15 minute segments that can be viewed separately. At the end of the course you will find a quiz as well as a certificate of completion that can be downloaded upon completion of the modules and quiz..

Thank you and enjoy the course!


Dan Barringer
President, Projects by Design